By downgrading from Happo Business, or in the event of payment failure, you and your team will automatically start to run on Happo Basic.

This means some workflow changes for:

  • Your team:
    Happo will consider your deleted team as “paused”. Your team members will remain in the team constellation, but will be open for other team invites.
  • Your features:
    Business features will no longer be available. 
  • Your comments:
    Private comments made while having a business subscription will still be private, but you will not be able to add or receive new private comments.
  • Your data:
    No statistics will be made for during your time on Happo Basic.
    If you resubscribe, you will get access to your statistics from your previous time on Happo Business.

You can at any resubscribe at any time by going to Upgrade to Business.

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