Screening questions allows candidate to answer specific questions when applying for the job. Candidate will see questions in the application form. 

  1. Click "Create application link" in the application stack located on the left in your recruitment pipeline

2. Scroll down to "Screening questions about the candidate"

3. Click "Add question"

4. Chose format for your questions:
   a. Dropdown: Use dropdown when describing one or more alternatives.
      For example, "Do you have a driver’s license" or "Which of the follow IT-languages        do you prefer?"
   b. Freeform: Use freeform to allow candidate to write in their own answers
   c. Multiple Choice: Use multiple choice when you need a combination of a and b

5. Type question into text box and click "Save"

6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the form to update your changes

Applicants will be able answer the questions you've added when filling out their application

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