Happo works great for managing your ordering process when you use one or several recruitment agencies, giving you better control and more transparency of your ordering process. You get a great overview of all recruitment processes, your candidates, and your suppliers with everything gathered in one unified pipeline. And of course, you see all parts of the process, while your suppliers will only see their own candidates. This is how it works:

  1.  Create a position / requirement profile and invite your suppliers. 
  2. A request / invite is sent to your suppliers. They’ll find the requirement profile in their Happo inbox (and also by email ), and can choose to accept or decline and reply with a comment. 
  3.  You’ll find your suppliers responses in your Happo inbox.
  4. Suppliers who choose to join can now start to present their candidates in Happo.
  5.  Contact support@happo.com to get reports and statistics of your ordering process. 
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