We treat all new users to a free trial of Happo Standard. This allows you dig right into your recruitment process, while enjoying all the extra features of Happo Standard for your first 14 days.

Discover Happo Standard features

Although Happo Free is powerful and free, Happo Standard is for professionals. It is our recommended subscription tier for everyone ready to streamline their recruitment in the easiest possible way, and save endless hours in the process. 

Happo Standard allows you to 

  • set up your team and position templates
  • adjust data retention settings
  • add screening questions and evaluation criteria
  • communicate with candidates in the process
  • access valuable data insights about your jobs, candidates and team members.
  • and much more...

Choose to stay after 14 days of trial

When your trial ends you will be given the option to stay in Standard by adding your billing info. If you do not choose to stay in Standard you will be downgraded to our free version Happo Free. 

Find updated pricing and features for Happo Standard at happo.com/pricing

If downgrading to Happo Free

When downgrading to Happo Free you keep all jobs, candidates, collaborators and your profile. Any position you created, or were invited to, will stay open and no applications or candidates will be lost. 

However, all Standard features, including team functionality, certain application form features, advanced candidate and team communication features and data retention settings will be unavailable until you choose to upgrade next time. Because yes, you can go between Free and Standard from month to month depending on your high and low recruitment seasons. We call it fair billing.

Hope you enjoy our trial!

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